Timang Beach is located in Gunungkidul District, 80 km east of the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Timang Beach is a coral rocky type beach with a few areas of white sand. Timang Beach offers a beautiful panoramic view of coral rocks with the Indian Ocean background. On this beach, tourists can enjoy the excitement of riding a Gondola to cross to Watu Panjang Island which is about 80 meters away.

To reach this beach, tourists need private transport from Jogja city center because there is no public transport available. More about our transport service you can find here. After reaching the parking area, the journey continues by using a Jeep Shuttle over a rocky road for 5km. The trip using this Jeep lasts approximately 20 minutes. The price of the Timang Beach Jeep Shuttle is IDR. 350,000

2 visitors preparing to cross to Watu Panjang island using the Timang Beach Gondola in tandem.
Timang Beach Gondola

Timang Gondola

The Timang Gondola was built in 1997 by Mr Siswanto and several friends. Initially, the Gondola was made for fishermen looking for lobsters on Watu Panjang Island. The main structure of the Timang Gondola is made of teak wood. Initially, the Timang Gondola only had 3 main ropes, but now the Timang Godola is supported by 9 main ropes to ensure the safety of visitors. The Timang Gondola is actually capable of carrying a load of 800 kg, but for tourism services, the operator limits the maximum load to 150 kg (2 people).

After arriving at the Timang Beach area, visitors must pay the Gondola ticket price of IDR. 200,000, valid for round trip. The ticket prices apply the same even if visitors want to ride the Gondola in tandem.

Suspension Bridge to Watu Panjang island with safety net in both side
Timang Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge

Apart from the Timang Gondola, visitors to Timang Beach can also use the Suspension Bridge to cross to Watu Panjang Island. The Suspension Bridge is located next to the Gondola. The ticket price for the Timang Beach Suspension Bridge is IDR 150,000.

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