Two visitors of Jomblang Cave walk at the bottom cave when it's rainy. The light rays from above their heads.

Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave is located in Semanu, Gunungkidul district, 50 km east of Yogyakarta city. From the city of Yogyakarta, it can be reached in approximately 1.5 hours. From the last village, the journey continues on a rocky road for 3 km. Jomblang Cave is a favorite place for tourists before visiting Timang beach. Apart from the fact that the way is in the same direction as time, it can also be adjusted. From Goa Jomblang to Timang Beach it usually takes a 1 hour drive.

3 silhouette of Jomblang Cave's visitor raise their hand with rays of light from above as a background.

The Jomblang Cave ticket price is IDR 500,000 including morning coffee and lunch. Jomblang Cave management also provides lunch for vegetarians. For comfort while in the cave, visitors to the Jomblang Cave are limited to 80 people per day. However, unfortunately, the Jomblang Cave operator does not use a booking system. For this reason, visitors who want to visit must come to Jomblang Cave early in the morning to be able to get an entrance ticket. Ticket sales start at 08.00 am and will close when the quota has been met. Usually, visitors depart from Yogyakarta City around 06.00 or earlier in the morning on weekends, especially during the peak period for foreign tourists (June-September).

Jomblang Cave is a vertical cave 50 meters deep. To explore it, visitors descend with International Standard Rappelling equipment. The ascent/descend trip is carried out in tandem (2 persons) using a rope that can withstand a load of 1 ton. If visitors do not have a partner, they will be paired with visitors according to the queue number who do not have a partner. The descent process usually starts at 09.00. Jomblang Cave Tourism actually consists of 2 caves. Jomblang Cave is the first cave where the visitor can descend using a rope. After visitors disembark at Jomblang Cave, visitors follow the cave to Luweng Brubuh. Luweng is Javanese which means Well/Vertical Cave. Luweng Brubuh itself has a depth of 80 meters. In Luweng Brubuh, visitors can witness the main attraction, namely the Ray of Light phenomenon.

After watching the Ray of Light, visitors return to Jomblang Cave and then climb to the top. The boarding process is also carried out in tandem. The rope was pulled by approximately 20 village residents who took turns. So during the ascent process, many villagers gathered to help with the ascent process. From here it can be seen that Jomblang Cave has played a role in revitalizing the economy of the village residents. Jomblang Cave itself is a tourist attraction that developed independently without government assistance.