Timang Beach Gondola with Watu Panjang island in the background.

An overview of the trip to Timang Beach and the budget you have to prepare, not including plane/train tickets to and from Yogyakarta, is:

Transfer in airport to hotel

Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) is located 50 km west of the city of Yogyakarta. To reach the city center of Jogja you need a 1-1.5 hour journey depending on the mode of transportation chosen.

Arriving at YIA Airport, the first choice for getting to Jogja City is to use The Airport train. The price of an Airport train ticket is IDR 50,000. However, this Airport train cannot be relied on because the schedule does not match the arrival of the plane so you have to wait a long time or tickets for the closest scheduled train have run out so you have to wait for the next train. After arriving at Tugu station (Yogyakarta station), the journey to the hotel can be continued by online taxi. By using a motorbike taxi, from Tugu station to the hotel it costs around IDR 15,000 – 20,000. Meanwhile, if you use a taxi, it’s around IDR 25,000 – 50,000. It all depends on the distance from the station to the hotel.

Apart from the Airport train to get to the city of Jogja, you can also take the DAMRI bus. This Damri bus only stops at several points. After that, the journey to the hotel continues by using an online taxi. The price for an online taxi is approximately the same as an online taxi from Tugu station.


As a tourist destination, Yogyakarta has many hotels and guest houses. You can book hotels from various online applications at various prices. For information, hotel prices are not only determined by star class, but hotel prices in Yogyakarta are also determined by how close they are to Malioboro Street. The closer you are to the Malioboro Street area, the higher the hotel prices will be.

If you want a hotel at a cheaper price, you can look for a hotel in the Prawirotaman area. This area was originally famous as a backpacker village that provided cheap accommodation and then developed into a hotel area. However, because the Prawirotaman area is a village, the roads are relatively narrow.

Generally, tourists visiting Yogyakarta can get a 3-star hotel for around IDR 500,000/night (twin bed) including breakfast.

Transport to Timang Beach

Because there is no public transport available, to get to Timang beach you need private transport. We provide standard private transport for foreign tourism for IDR 650,000/day (12 hours). Normally in one day, you can visit 2-3 tourist attractions. So you can visit other tourist attractions besides Timang Beach. Jomblang cave is a favorite among tourists before visiting Timang beach.

Shuttle Jeep

Due to the rocky road, private transport from Yogyakarta City cannot reach Timang Beach. From the parking area, you have to continue your journey using a Jeep shuttle. The distance from the parking area to Timang beach is approximately 5 km which is usually covered in 15 minutes. The Jeep shuttle price is IDR. 350,000 round trip includes Timang beach entrance retribution. One Jeep can accommodate a maximum of 4 tourists.

Gondola / Suspension Bridge

The gondola / Suspension bridge is the main attraction of Timang Beach. However, the Gondola/Suspension bridge is optional, you can go up or not. The Gondola ticket price for foreign visitors is IDR 200,000 while the Suspension Bridge ticket price for foreign visitors is IDR 150,000.

Kedai Lobster Pak Sis

For a one-kilogram Lobster package, prices start from IDR. 650,000. One kilogram package of Lobster is usually for 3-4 people.

Transfer out of Airport

For example, for a flight at 8 am (or earlier), you must leave the hotel no later than 5.30. At this time public transportation is not yet operational. Especially for international flights at 8 am. You must leave the hotel no later than 4 o’clock.

For this reason, we also provide airport transfer out services at a price of IDR 400,000.