Apart from Timang Beach, visiting  Yogyakarta would not be complete without trying culinary tourism. You can enjoy a variety of culinary choices from street food to restaurants. Below we provide a list of culinary delights that you can try during your visit to Yogyakarta.

Kedai Lobster Pak Sis


Gudeg is a traditional Yogyakarta food. Made from young jackfruit that is cooked slowly. The Gudeg cooking process takes at least 4 hours. Then store it for 1 day, then it can be warmed up to serve. Cooking Gudeg uses a lot of coconut sugar, so in general the taste of Gudeg is very sweet.

The Gudeg shops center in Yogyakarta is located on Wijilan Street. In the Wijilan area, you can find a row of Gudeg rice sellers. There are two variants of Gudeg, namely wet Gudeg and dry Gudeg. The difference between wet Gudeg and dry Gudeg is that dry Gudeg doesn’t have sauce. While wet Gudeg is there is a very thick sauce from a kind of curry made from coconut milk. This sauce tastes very tasty.

The price of Gudeg varies depending on the side dishes you choose. On average, one portion of Nasi Gudeg with a drink will cost around IDR 25,000 – 35,000.

Klathak Satay

Klathak satay is made from grilled Lamb with a little salt and without any other additional spices. Klathak satay is served with thin yellow spiced coconut milk sauce. The Klathak Sate Center in Yogyakarta is located in the Jetis District, Bantul Region. The Jetis area is located 10 km south of Yogyakarta City. From the city center, the Jetis area can be reached in 30 minutes. Usually, tourists look for Klathak satay for lunch or dinner. One portion of Sate Klathak complete with rice and drink usually ranges from IDR 35,000 – IDR 50,000


Soto is a traditional Indonesian dish that is relatively easy to find. Almost every region in Indonesia has its own spices that are similar but not the same. There are two types of Soto, namely Chicken Soto and Beef Soto.

In Yogyakarta, Soto is generally used as a breakfast menu, at least for lunch. Some Soto which are quite famous in the city of Yogyakarta include Soto Pak Marto, Soto Sawah, Soto Pak Sholeh, Soto Kadipiro.

Apart from that, there are still Steet food Soto, including Soto Gareng, located east of Yogyakarta Station.

Outside the city of Jogja there are also Soto culinary delights, including: In the Wonosari area, Gunungkidul region, there is Soto Tan Project. In the Bantul region area there is Soto Rejeki. In the Kuloprogo region, there is Soto Ayam Pak Paiman which is located near the Nyai Ageng Serang Monument.

One portion of Soto complete with drink costs around IDR 25,000 – 35,000.

Fried chicken

Another eating option when you travel to Jogja is fried chicken. Several fried chicken restaurants offer a variety of different textures and flavors. Fried chicken is usually used for lunch or dinner. For dinner choices, you have to take note because the Fried Chicken Restaurant usually closes at 21.00 so you have to pay attention to your arrival time. One portion of Fried Chicken complete with rice and drink costs around IDR 35,000 – 50,000.