The views of Gondola Timang Sunset with Watu Panjang island in the left. Yellow goldish skies gradually to tosca.

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Between the sound of crashing waves, the wind blows and the memories being carved.

Timang Beach

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Timang Beach Gondola with Watu Panjang island in the background.
120-meter span suspension bridge connecting Timang Beach and Watu Panjang Island.
Visitors ride the Timang Beach Gondola back from Watu Panjang Island with the background crashing waves and cloudy sky.

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Tour Attraction

Timang Beach has become popular as a tourist destination, not without reason. The following is what makes Timang Beach a must-visit apart from the panoramic view of the beach.

2 visitors preparing to cross to Watu Panjang island using the Timang Beach Gondola in tandem.

Timang Gondola

Built in 1997 as a crossing instrument to look for lobsters, the Timang Beach Gondola has become a tourist attraction that is sought after by tourists from various countries.

Timang Suspension Bridge gate with a safety net on both sides. Watu Panjang Island and cloudy skies in the background.

Timang Suspension Bridge

Feels the adrenalin rush by walking across this suspension bridge that spans around 120 meters. With a breathtaking view around you.

Kedai Lobster Pak Sis Timang

Kedai Lobster Pak Sis

Initially only cooking one or two kilograms to serve visitors who wanted to eat Lobster, Kedai Lobster Pak Sis turned into a famous restaurant and became one of the tour package while visit Timang Beach.


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